“Self-Publishing” Is Growing Up

By Geoff Hoff The history of publishing is a long and crooked one. People have written books for as long as people have written. Originally, to “publish” a book meant to have it hand-copied, and there were whole monastic orders that were dedicated to that craft. Each copy of the book was an original work of exquisite art. Since few could actually read, this seemed the way to do it. This is, of course, the ultimate “self-publishing.” Then people began carving plates in order to print the pages so that each copy looked like every other, and more copies could … Continue reading

Planning to Self-Publish an Ebook? Beware of Smashwords!

By Shawn Hansen There are plenty of fantastic reasons to self-publish your book or eBook.  The primary reason most people choose to self-publish a book or eBook has to do with control. (When I say self-publish, I am talking about you – the author – hiring or using a third party to produce the resulting for-sale item.) When you self-publish, you control all kinds of elements: The Cover The List Price The Release Date The Distribution Discounts & Special Offers Giveaways In other words, you can hire CreateSpace to print a physical copy of your book, and you can also … Continue reading