You. A Published Author.

At Hunter’s Moon, we are committed to helping entrepreneurs write and publish books in order to enhance their credibility, grow their audience and be recognized as authorities in their field.

What does that mean for you?

You have a book in you. You may have several, but you have at least one. You know that the book will enhance the lives of everyone who reads it. Your job is to get that book written. It is not to figure out the complex process of getting it published and getting it promoted.

That’s where Hunter’s Moon comes in.

We take your manuscript and lovingly configure it, format it and get it ready for publication. Whether you want your book available on Kindle or as a Paperback, we know what it takes to make it not only presentable, but attractive.

We spend the time and take the care to make sure your book presents you as the professional expert that you are.

With your exceptionally presented book, your customers and clients will respect you more, trust you more. Often, once someone has published a book, they are able to raise their rates and their customers don’t even blink. Imagine doing that?

Your prospects will listen to you with a more attentive ear. They want to work with the published author.

Want to be a speaker? Having a book is vital to get on any speaking tour.

Want to work with another high-powered business person? Hand them your book as an introduction. It is a powerful “foot in the door.”

Take a look at our different publishing packages, decide which is right for you, and get published now.

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Hunter’s Moon is a passion project of Connie Ragen Green and Geoff Hoff, both best-selling authors, together and individually. We want to see you in print.