“Self-Publishing” Is Growing Up

By Geoff Hoff The history of publishing is a long and crooked one. People have written books for as long as people have written. Originally, to “publish” a book meant to have it hand-copied, and there were whole monastic orders that were dedicated to that craft. Each copy of the book was an original work of exquisite art. Since few could actually read, this seemed the way to do it. This is, of course, the ultimate “self-publishing.” Then people began carving plates in order to print the pages so that each copy looked like every other, and more copies could … Continue reading

The Death of Books, Newspapers, Apple Pie and Everything?

By Geoff Hoff Everyone is talking about the death of books and of traditional publishing and publishers. We watched newspapers struggle in the wake of information readily available on the Internet, now we’re seeing publishing houses scramble in the wake of Amazon’s print-on-demand and AuthorCentral services, etc. I had a conversation about this with a friend of mine and thought I’d share some of what we discussed with you.  My friend had been in the newspaper biz and lost his job, perhaps because of the downsizing of his paper, perhaps for other reasons, and the whole thought of the possible … Continue reading